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Thanks for visiting Odessa Sex Guide! Describing Odessa one has to say that it`s an incredible place with beautiful architechture, history and Ukrainian ladies. When the foreigner arrives to Odessa he has to know beforehand what kind of atmosphere, local customs, criminal situation - everything that could possibly help to avoid being ripped off or involved into any unsafe accident. Whatever you are looking for : city escort services or best night clubs, erotic massage places - just do it same way as locals do. Having similar information that you got from us, based on our years experience we can help to arrange best city sex tours, attend best strip clubs and spend unforgettable nights in Odessa. This is the place where you can get everything Odessa offer uncencored.


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Unfortunately some people arriving from abroad  still do not follow the well-known advices thus it leads to robbery or they can be ripped off. Please check our Odessa Strip-Clubs Warning Info. One of the latest saga happened to 1 Norwegian gentleman who was charged 2500 Eur for a bottle of cheap red wine. Also 1 German whose credit card was stolen at the bat counter. We would remind you - if you have to go to any clubs don`t do that alone and take somebody who can take care of you and your money. Do not carry Credit or Bank Card, just a smal amount of cash will be enough. Unfortunately most strip clubs in Odessa are set up to steal the most of your money out and in the shortest period of time. They will try to lure you in with the promise of a free drink but once you are inside you will find yourself quickly set upon by a few pretty girls who will chat you up and try to get you to order for them as many drinks as possible. Be very careful because these drinks can cost up to 80-100 Eur! Especially avoid the “Private Dances”! It is very typical for the girls to try to talk you into a private room for a “special show.” Most often you will get nothing “special” but it is quite common for the girl to set an open bottle of champagne on the table as part of the “party”. And only afterwards you will realize that your bill is incredibly high. This is very common scam unfortunately. If you refuse to pay the club will call the police who will force you to pay. We have a list of these clubs - so if you enter one of them you will be robbed for sure!

Therefore is better to book in advance your party and get an escort guide - pretty lady that will always be on your side and will take care you won`t be robbed.

 You will find out from your accompanying guide the price plus any extra money for unforseen circumstances - this is all you need. We recommend you a good nightlige escort agency that will protect you from problems, just discuss what you need and they will help and assist you. They are real nightlife guides and advisors.


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