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Thanks for visiting Odessa Sex Guide! Describing Odessa one has to say that it`s an incredible place with beautiful architechture, history and Ukrainian ladies. When the foreigner arrives to Odessa he has to know beforehand what kind of atmosphere, local customs, criminal situation - everything that could possibly help to avoid being ripped off or involved into any unsafe accident. Whatever you are looking for : city escort services or best night clubs, erotic massage places - just do it same way as locals do. Having similar information that you got from us, based on our years experience we can help to arrange best city sex tours, attend best strip clubs and spend unforgettable nights in Odessa. This is the place where you can get everything Odessa offer uncencored.

We can read on some forums about accidents happened to some persons while tripped to Odessa. Moreover we cannot say that it`s 100% safest place in the world- but do you know such place where you can`t be robbered or scammed? Yes, it doesn`t exist at all. Even local citizens aren`t safe. But we have to distract the countries where is absolute anarchy,no law, anti-sanitary conditions, criminality walks freely on the streets. Odessa - IS NOT this sort of place. Something like that occur just after the USSR dawn, 15 years ago, but yes - it happened and yes - it was stopped. Nowadays thousands of foreign tourists come to Odessa to enjoy it`s sites. Especially in the evening time police patrols can be seen everywhere to enable the calmness and safety in the city. If you have any problems you may call to Policу Station free of charge from any phone boot. Apart from that people here are very helpful and friendly and have a sense of humor, thus Odessa was proudly named - Capital of Humor and Laugh. Police department is very strict towards any kinds of violation or law obstruction, therefore several of night clubs and private companies were closed and pushed off this industry - just due to one proven fact. Odessa now is one the most popular resorts in Ukraine and on the Black Sea. Now you really can enjoy Odessa`s splendid views and beauties of nightlife and be confident that you won`t face any problems here - come here, stay and have a fun. It`s a good time now to start!. You may walk now in the city at any day time - day or night , enjoying the city sites but better to do that together with someone who you can trust and rely - our beautiful guides will color your life while staying in Odessa. Also you will get apart from that any valuable advices and assistance that will enable your trip to be careless and calm, you will only have a rest, your mind will be in peace. Of course as a part of good behavior in unknown place - is to avoid from being at any "bad places", the ones with bad reputation and contingent. We know about that and our partners from Odessa Angels - will be a step ahead of your wrong moves.


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