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Thanks for visiting Odessa Sex Guide! Describing Odessa one has to say that it`s an incredible place with beautiful architechture, history and Ukrainian ladies. When the foreigner arrives to Odessa he has to know beforehand what kind of atmosphere, local customs, criminal situation - everything that could possibly help to avoid being ripped off or involved into any unsafe accident. Whatever you are looking for : city escort services or best night clubs, erotic massage places - just do it same way as locals do. Having similar information that you got from us, based on our years experience we can help to arrange best city sex tours, attend best strip clubs and spend unforgettable nights in Odessa. This is the place where you can get everything Odessa offer uncencored.

Odessa has a great selection and variety of night clubs. From very good to very bad. Once Odessa is a capital of Ukrainian South you may find here any kinds of bars and clubs. with VIP entrances and general. Most of the clubs are opened for everyone except of cases when a party is arranged but you will see anouncement on the board in front of club. The cooler club - the hotter girl you will find there. You shouldn`t be oligarh or multi-millionaire (although it would help :-)) to date or meet a prettiest girl of your life there. Most of average and up bars cost for entrance 10-15 Eur. Sometimes it can be a waiting line but once the show starts will dissolve.

One the best is Visavis and is located straight at the heart of Odessa on Deribasovskaya street 15. From 11.00 till 22.00 o'clock in «Visavis» it is possible under pleasant launzh-music (easy listening, acid jazz, deep house, dubhouse, funky, jazzy, pseudo jazz) to satisfy the gastronomic predilections. From 22.00 till 03.00 o'clock it works as club. The resident of an institution – DJ Red Boy. Besides that known groups and performers are constantly invited to club parties.
The cozy hall contains 31 little table, a scene, a dancingfloor, a bar counter. Those wishing take pleasure from panoramic view of Odessa can use a balcony where 17 additional little tables are established.

Another beautiful club is Itaka situated just close to the sea under open sky.

The summer platform of club uses the raised popularity among thos who rest in Arcadya as it is located only in 3 meters from the sea. According to administration of concert arena «Itaka», this club has the best sound and light at coast, the magnificent design, and a dawn meeting on seacoast under favourite music hardly will leave someone indifferent.
The club is equipped with all necessary staff that inhabitants and visitors of Odessa could feel  themselves comfortable. A two-storeyed amphitheater open-air, a capacious dancing, a scene, terraces, plasma panels, a hookah, WI-FI, democratic kitchen – all this magnificence to admirers of productive leisure on seacoast. «Itaka»`s capacity is 3 thousand visitors, has about 1 thousand seats. Little tables in club can be reserved in advance via phone, however it doesn't concern those days when here take place live concerts.
Musical orientation of club – the priest, a disco, lounge. Till 21.00 it works as restaurant open-air, from 21.00 – as night club. Nightly in club residents – DJ Nice, DJ Fly and DJ Wolves work.

We would say they are the best places to have a rest with your second heart-half or to find a new passion.

But again once you showed up there alond be careful with the girls who are over-firendly with you, sitting at your table and srating conversation asking to buy her a drink of some expensive staff. Be sure when you do that -they disappear thisis the way how you can be scammed. The place got your money and the girl - her commission from the club. Watch after the drinks you taste with unknown girl, it can end up in hotel when you will wake up in the morning with empty purse. Better to come with a girl whose duty is to protect and take care of you. You could be relaxed then and get a real excitement anв satisfaction. We would advice you our partners from Odessa Escorts.


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