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Thanks for visiting Odessa Sex Guide! Describing Odessa one has to say that it`s an incredible place with beautiful architechture, history and Ukrainian ladies. When the foreigner arrives to Odessa he has to know beforehand what kind of atmosphere, local customs, criminal situation - everything that could possibly help to avoid being ripped off or involved into any unsafe accident. Whatever you are looking for : funny daytime attractions or nigttime activities, city escort services or best night or stripclubs, erotic massage places - just do it same way as locals do. Having similar information that you got from us, based on our years experience we can help to arrange best city sex tours, attend best strip clubs and spend unforgettable nights in Odessa. This is the place where you can get everything Odessa offer uncencored. Nightlife in Odessa - an unforgettable and unbelieveable joy selection!.

We can read on some forums about accidents happened to some persons while tripped to Odessa. Moreover we cannot say that it`s 100% safest place in the world- but do you know such place where you can`t be robbered or scammed? Yes, it doesn`t exist at all. Even local citizens aren`t safe. But we have to distract the countries where is absolute anarchy,no law, anti-sanitary conditions, criminality walks freely on the streets. Odessa - IS NOT this sort of place. Something like that occur just after the USSR dawn, 15 years ago, but yes - it happened and yes - it was stopped. Nowadays thousands of foreign tourists come to Odessa to enjoy it`s sites. Especially in the evening time police patrols can be seen everywhere to enable the calmness and safety in the city. If you have any problems you may call to Policу Station free of charge from any phone boot. Apart from that people here are very helpful and friendly and have a sense of humor, thus Odessa was proudly named - Capital of Humor and Laugh. Police department is very strict towards any kinds of violation or law obstruction, therefore several of night clubs and private companies were closed and pushed off this industry - just due to one proven fact. Odessa now is one the most popular resorts in Ukraine and on the Black Sea. Now you really can enjoy Odessa`s splendid views and beauties of nightlife and be confident that you won`t face any problems here - come here, stay and have a fun. It`s a good time now to start!.


Odessa Renewal

This section is for gurmans - those who like any kinds of exotic touches by the sexy hands of Ukrainian girls. You know that the best option to use this type of service - to go only to trustworthy places. Places that you have a good recommendation from boards or forums or friends and... our Sex Guide. We can help you to select and get only to reliable and best massage saloons in Odessa. Our best partners are - http://www.odessavipmassage.com. Here are a lot of places but we would warn you at the beginning not to be caught by a lower price or other promise - then it`s a real mark of scamm. Saloons we would propose are offering VIP and Budget services. There are usually 4-10 Ukrainian girls who know this business prrofessionally. The interiors of saloons are cosy, nice and well-equipped just for exotic massaging: waiting rooms, reception desks, number of session rooms, showers, specific lightings and melodies. Theare are several kinds of Body Exotic Massages, with one or 2 girls, with shows, with gifts. These places showed a very high levels of services, reliability for the clients. Their locations are also preferrable cause of very close distance from the center of city - Deribasovskata street -http://www.odessavipmassage.com.  Most of other places vary from bad to horrible, some are still scammers, using the lack of knowledge of foreign tourists in their favor (language, currencies, prices, fake girls profiles in databases, ugly saloons conditions) - be aware of it. We follow the same phylosophy as tourists because what is most tmportant from our point of view - to get the offered massage service in announced place with particular girls and on time. These priorities are fully shared by our recommended saloons. Enjoy your time there, dive in these wonderful feelings and get most excitement from Ukrainian girls!


Odessa Erotic Massage Saloons


Odessa Strip-clubs Scamm

Unfortunately some people arriving from abroad  still do not follow the well-known advices thus it leads to robbery or they can be ripped off. Please check our Odessa Strip-Clubs Warning Info. One of the latest saga happened to 1 Norwegian gentleman who was charged 2500 Eur for a bottle of cheap red wine. Also 1 German whose credit card was stolen at the bat counter. We would remind you - if you have to go to any clubs don`t do that alone and take somebody who can take care of you and your money. Do not carry Credit or Bank Card, just a smal amount of cash will be enough. Unfortunately most strip clubs in Odessa are set up to steal the most of your money out and in the shortest period of time. They will try to lure you in with the promise of a free drink but once you are inside you will find yourself quickly set upon by a few pretty girls who will chat you up and try to get you to order for them as many drinks as possible. Be very careful because these drinks can cost up to 80-100 Eur! Especially avoid the “Private Dances”! It is very typical for the girls to try to talk you into a private room for a “special show.” Most often you will get nothing “special” but it is quite common for the girl to set an open bottle of champagne on the table as part of the “party”. And only afterwards you will realize that your bill is incredibly high. This is very common scam unfortunately. If you refuse to pay the club will call the police who will force you to pay. We have a list of these clubs - so if you enter one of them you will be robbed for sure!

Therefore is better to book in advance your party and get an escort guide - pretty lady that will always be on your side and will take care you won`t be robbed.

 You will find out from your accompanying guide the price plus any extra money for unforseen circumstances - this is all you need. We recommend you a good nightlige escort agency that will protect you from problems, just discuss what you need and they will help and assist you. They are real nightlife guides and advisors.

Odessa has a great selection and variety of night clubs. From very good to very bad. Once Odessa is a capital of Ukrainian South you may find here any kinds of bars and clubs. with VIP entrances and general. Most of the clubs are opened for everyone except of cases when a party is arranged but you will see anouncement on the board in front of club. The cooler club - the hotter girl you will find there. You shouldn`t be oligarh or multi-millionaire (although it would help :-)) to date or meet a prettiest girl of your life there. Most of average and up bars cost for entrance 10-15 Eur. Sometimes it can be a waiting line but once the show starts will dissolve.

One the best is Visavis and is located straight at the heart of Odessa on Deribasovskaya street 15. From 11.00 till 22.00 o'clock in «Visavis» it is possible under pleasant launzh-music (easy listening, acid jazz, deep house, dubhouse, funky, jazzy, pseudo jazz) to satisfy the gastronomic predilections. From 22.00 till 03.00 o'clock it works as club. The resident of an institution – DJ Red Boy. Besides that known groups and performers are constantly invited to club parties.
The cozy hall contains 31 little table, a scene, a dancingfloor, a bar counter. Those wishing take pleasure from panoramic view of Odessa can use a balcony where 17 additional little tables are established.

Another beutiful club is Itaka situated just close to the sea under open sky.

The summer platform of club uses the raised popularity among thos who rest in Arcadya as it is located only in 3 meters from the sea. According to administration of concert arena «Itaka», this club has the best sound and light at coast, the magnificent design, and a dawn meeting on seacoast under favourite music hardly will leave someone indifferent.
The club is equipped with all necessary staff that inhabitants and visitors of Odessa could feel  themselves comfortable. A two-storeyed amphitheater open-air, a capacious dancing, a scene, terraces, plasma panels, a hookah, WI-FI, democratic kitchen – all this magnificence to admirers of productive leisure on seacoast. «Itaka»`s capacity is 3 thousand visitors, has about 1 thousand seats. Little tables in club can be reserved in advance via phone, however it doesn't concern those days when here take place live concerts.
Musical orientation of club – the priest, a disco, lounge. Till 21.00 it works as restaurant open-air, from 21.00 – as night club. Nightly in club residents – DJ Nice, DJ Fly and DJ Wolves work.

We would say they are the best places to have a rest with your second heart-half or to find a new passion.

But again once you showed up there alond be careful with the girls who are over-firendly with you, sitting at your table and srating conversation asking to buy her a drink of some expensive staff. Be sure when you do that -they disappear thisis the way how you can be scammed. The place got your money and the girl - her commission from the club. Watch after the drinks you taste with unknown girl, it can end up in hotel when you will wake up in the morning with empty purse. Better to come with a girl whose duty is to protect and take care of you. You could be relaxed then and get a real excitement and satisfaction. We would advice you our partners from Odessa Escorts.


Odessa Night Clubs

We have had some recent negative reports from the Manhattan strip-club on Ekaterininskaya street and soon it was closed anyway, because of it`s bad reputation. Unfortunately at this time we have to say that no strip club in Odessa that matches European standards in terms of quality and price.

X-Club getting worse and worse, according to comments from the visitors. Dancers jumping on you every 5-10 minutes asking for money. Also can be a strip-show for additional compensation apart from private dance in a separate location or on the second floor, specially designed for it.

V Gostyah U Skazki and Zazhigalka - are clubs we would recommend. All drinks prices are written in menu avoiding over-pricing and scamm. Of couse if you would wish to buy a drink for dancer - then your bill will go up.

Actually the best way of attnding strip-clubs is to arrange a VIP access and come with the Nightlife escort lady, whose appearance will distract from any inconveniences and save your nerves.


Odessa Strip Clubs


Odessa Escort Services

We are happy to inform that a new Escort Agency just opened  for our prospective clients. It offers delicious and tasty Ukrainian models who would spend a time with you at any place of the city - Bars,Restaurants,Theatres or business lunches - they will increase your image and priority for all your surroundings. This service isn`t cheap but according to the reports we have got - it really worth it. The Agency`s rules and regulations as well as models profiles can be found on www.odessaangels.com. What you can get there? Of course, a first class beautiful Ukrainian lady,well-dressed,well-educated,knowing where you go and what to expect there, looking from one side for fun, but from the other side - taking this job seriously cause it`s obvious and clear that a good reputation and recommendation are mandates for the future success.

From our experience we can tell that a rush and unprepared call for escort will lead to problems - a middle-aged,alcoholic lady will knock your door asking for  sexual relationship straight away. When you refuse be ready to be charged 10-15 Eur for a fake call, "waste of their time". Also there are some websites that ofer a "direct" number of girl but be sure that it`s a false trick  and your request is directed to their boss (a pimp) - nothing good except of money loose or big headache you won`t receive. Also be careful with the girls asking for money or offering a fun time "somewhere here" - it`s a very dangerous situation be sure you won`t stay away from crowdy parts at night time (if alone) or better walk with escort girl.


Local currency in Odessa - is Ukrainian Hryvna. The currency comes in coins and paper banknotes. Coins are - 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopecks nominal and paper-notes - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Hryvnas.

Most of nightclubs, restaurants, theatres or other fun places are not accepting any foreign currencies and credit cards, except of local currency in cash, therefore you have to exchange it in advance in the bank or bank affiliate. But we would recommend not to use small exchange boots as the rate is usually lower than in the Bank  established office. Never ever try to make change from hands on the street, even if the person stays in front of the bank office you will be robbed and receive a fake bills if any. If you plan to walk outdoors please prepare for it beforehand and change at the daytime all the necessary amount. In the evening or at night no banks or bank eachange boots are opened and you wll get in trouble trying to change it from "someone available". The same can be said about using transportation alone - you don`t speak locl language бнщг don`t know exact exchange rates this all doesn`t play in your favor - better to use  help of someone from Agency (www.odessaangels.com) who will be your true and fair guide from all money-related troubles.


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